Flyer and brochures portfolio

DL brochure designed for amp

Cute co expo flyer

Double sided A5 flyer designed for Cute co to be used at the Baby and toddler show in Sydney.

DL brochure designed for amp

Australian Money Planners brochure

A Financial Services Guide Consisting of a folded brochure of 14 pages (7 panels) printed on both sides. This document is to be given away and contains text and graphics only (no images). It is an informative document with a corporate image embedded into it.

flyer designed for coolpod

Coolpod flyer design

Special promotion flyer for coolpod cooler bags and website traffic source

A4 brochure designed for Australian Business awards

ABA brochure design

Corporate and modern style artwork for an A4 brochure designed for Australian Business Awards

flyer designed for maple homewares

Maple flyer design

Mother's day special flyer and invitation to Maple store in Melbourne.

flyer designed for sayak jewellery

Sayak jewellery postcard design

Designed to promote the business name and products. This new brand makes use of very stylish and effective graphics to communicate the exclusiveness of their products.

prestige suites

Prestige Suites postcard design

Incorporating the company's new logo this marketing postcard was used to encourage small business owners to rent a new office.

DL brochure designed for makoha

Makoha Spa brochure design

By using the shape of the company's new logo , a very dynamic and modern brochure was designed for Makoha Spa. This is the kind of brochure that the users will prefer to keep and share with their friends and family

DL brochure designed for slamstyle

Slamstyle brochure design

Designed in line with the styling of the company's business cards this brochure displays Slamstyle's product ranges in 6 panels.

flyer designed for maple

Mothers day flyer design

Sayak Silver Jewellery is a jewellery shop with a very classy and refined style. Sayak's logo not only looks great on its own but also when incorporated into the company's packaging gift boxes. This logo was awarded with the 2010 WOLDA design award.

flyer designed for luminent

Luminent A4 flyer design

Modern, corporate and clean design were the main concepts incorporated into the design of this A4 leaflet. Printed on both sides and making use of tabs, the different topics are sorted in 3 panels located on either side of the document.

flyer designed for dentist

Drummoyne Dental DL flyer design

Set of 3 DL DL flyers printed on both sidesincorporating the company's logo and stock images. Each design was developed for a different promotion or discount offered.

flyer designed for dentist

Concorde Dental DL flyer design

Developed in conjuction with Drummoyne Dental flyers.

flyer designed for otec tools

OTEC A4 flyer design

Otec is a brand of tile cutters. The company requested the design of an A4 flyer to promote their new products and offers.

flyer designed for pet clinic

Sydney pet resort flyer design

Designed using the business colours.

flyer designed for adori

Adori flyer design

A4 format flyer developed for a mailout marketing campaign of Adori leathergoods

DL brochure designed for Verone and corto ranges

Corto and Verone brochure design

2 DL brochures designed for Corto and Verone bathroom accessories ranges.

DL brochure designed for invoke

Invoke DL brochure design

Developed as a price list to be sent out to potential customers and retailers. This brochure was designed also to promote the products at trade fairs.

flyer designed for a local chiropractor

Chiropractor flyer design

Double sided and with a map of the business location in Sydney on the back of the flyer.

DL brochure designed for bearfeet impressions

Bearfeet brochure design

Making use of baby colours (pastels) and a modern dynamic approach for the layout, this brochure was designed to promote the company's products at hospitals and child care centres.

flyer designed for Reed furniture

REED A4 flyer design

3 sets of A4 leaflets printed on both sides with emphasis on the product images and enhanced by the use of modern yet very subtle (not distracting) backgrounds.

DL brochure designed for sageleaf

Sageleaf flyer design

As part of their advertising material a foldable DL pamphlet was designed containing a description of their menus including images, text and graphics distributed on both sides of the 3 panels.

brochure designed for gulliver jam

Gulliver jam brochure design

This is a foldable brochure distributed at trade fairs and sent out to the company's customers. It displays some of the best seller products as well as a strong corporate image appeal.

flyer designed for allpak

Allpak flyer design

Utilises the same artwork as the front cover of their catalogue with some small modifications to be used at a trade show.

flyer designed for everloc

Everloc flyer

To be distribiuted at Bunnings stores

flyer designed for sprintpos

POS promotional flyer design

Promotional document for a special discount on the company's products.

flyer designed for tufftrack

Tufftrack flyer design

Double sided A4 Flyer designed for Tufftrack products

flyer designed for economat

Economat flyer design

Double sided A4 Flyer designed for Economat products

Design process

Design Brief

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First instalment

Initial installment of 50% is required to commence the design work.

Concept stage

Initial concepts are developed and emailed to you


We fine tune the design of your preference until you are pleased with your flyer or brochure.

Design approval

Receive all your files and an invoice for final payment.


"That looks absolutely perfect, thank you so much."

Monique Mostert :: Sydney pet resort

"Many many thanks! This is perfect.Can you please send me a proof to print?"

Satoru Tagami :: Ground protection

Looks great please finalise for print, I cant wait to see them printed

Debbie Corcoran :: Neo technology